Looking for some Cave Maps.

I am looking for a rather large map that has several areas or sections for people to explore. Something that can be used as an RP map and people won’t be stuck in just one area of the map. Also, I would like it to be strictly cave areas and not have buildings or underground mines. I’ve looked around gmod.org and other places but just don’t seem to find big enough maps, or something that doesn’t have buildings/mines in it. Does anyone know of any maps like I’m describing? If so please post links or something so I can check them out, Thanks.

ep2 has loads of caves like you described. Couldn’t you just use one of them?

The ep2 maps wouldn’t really work for roleplay. They’re really linear, and he’d have to remove all of the NPCs, trigger all of the sequences…

Even then, if someone went to the end of the map, it would crash the server trying to load the next map.

I tried to but there’s a lot of them with stuff in them I can’t use. Buildings and mines I don’t want, just strictly caves, and large enough for about 20 people to RP in.

You could just edit the map so it won’t do that and block of what would be the next part so the map is one closed area. What could be done, if it has to be all caves, is to stitch parts of the Episode 2 caves together. It doesn’t have to be all the caves, and it would probably be a lot faster than making a large cave RP map, because as I can recall, good looking caves are hard to make when you aren’t familiar enough with displacements. Then again, you maybe don’t want to use anything from Episode 2, so then yeah, you’d have to make it from scratch.

gms_underworld seems to fit your criteria, although it is a little small it does have some exploratory value.

@ paulisdead - yea that could work but I kinda need it by this Friday coming up, not much time for a mapper to whip up I don’t think.

@worm - I already have that map and I agree it does fit the criteria but all the props aren’t stuck to the world and it has really weird boarders/skybox walls where it just ends out of nowhere.

I am looking for a second map of just underground caves to continue the RP, sorta like, start on gms_underworld then jump to another map completely underground.

Use lua to freeze the props to the world?