Looking for some dedicated server knowledge help...

I’m trying to help a friend set up a dedicated server for gmod and we went through the hldsupdate nonsense in the cmd prompt but beyond that I’m clueless. Any tips or even points in the right direction on what to do next to get this dedicated server up and running would be helpful.

He has all the necessary specs to run a dedicated server he told me, but if it’s necessary, I’ll try to get his DXDIAG info posted as soon as I can get in touch with him, which should be as early as tomorrow.

Thanks in advance!

The Markness

P.S. The reason I’m asking questions and setting everything up is because he’s not that savvy with the jargon and I know more about it than he does. I’m just in need of the next few steps in the process(and by “few” I mean “the rest of” lol)

I’m sure that I can help you, I use(d) it myself.
If you need help, you can add me to steam: NeburRebyc, or, just ask it here. I’ll help.

I’ve added you, and I await your assistance.