Looking For Some Feedback!

I’ve recently taken up gamemode creation after a long bout with a shitty community were I got removed from being the developer because the community owner didn’t like me/listened to his white knights. The gamemode will only be available on the server I’m creating it for, but it’s my very first thing I’ve ever put a shitton of time into creating and I’m looking for some feedback over the menu. Ignore the weapon pack, it isn’t mine, I’m just utilizing it because it’s a freakin’ great pack.

Looks freakin awesome, good job.

why not pain the last button too? you painted all the others

Can I asl what weapon pack is that? CW?


I felt like it should stand out from the others as a visual indicator that it was unique and did something different from the others. As it stands it’s left un-painted but that is totally up for change if someone leaves an awesome idea or something.