Looking for some feedback

Hello all,
After two years of very on-and-off mapping work (basically completely off lately), I stumbled upon my rp_downtown_v4c_v2 variant, rp_downtown_v4c_v4. Now before y’all crucify me for making a downtown variant (yes, I know it’s controversial), keep in mind that I started making this over 2 years ago, when I thought it was a good idea. These days, although I’m not unhappy at all with any of the additions I personally have made (quite a lot), I do understand that the map is a bad platform to work with (believe me I wondered quite a bit how some people could make work so poorly constructed). However, pushing all that aside, I’m interested in some feedback regarding (a) things that I have added to the map in any aspect (functionality and looks (although does anyone care about looks in downtown?)), and (b) maybe some suggestions about more things I could add if I get back into adding to the map that would add to the RP experience. Obviously downtown isn’t pretty, so these edits and additions are more focused on addition to RP’ing, and similar functions.

Feel free to play the map as you’ll see everything:

If not here is a few screenshots besides the ones on the workshop page:

The workshop page should have everything you’ll need, but I can provide more info if needed.

If you don’t actually play the map you can also check out the Changes tab or I’ll paste relevant info below:

- Expanded small room near original spawn into multi-level apartment building
- Added Warehouse building by original spawn area
- Expanded the double garage building in the corner
- Added "Farm Shack" in rural area
- Add garage door to back building in slums area
- Added Triple Garage room in slums area
- Added another building in slums area
- Expanded Small Yellow w/ Garage building
- Expanded Marr Freight building
- Added 2nd room to Small Gunstore
- Expanded inner room in Bar building (next to Gunstore)
- Lowered all garage doors to ground level
- Tunnel connecting "New Section" to corner by Double-Garage building
- Added shooting range
- Added ladder to connect corner building to the top of the big yellow building
- Added button in flat area for admins that toggles the wall that blocks the tunnel from the flat area
- Changed Cinema screen to allow use of env_projectedtexture
- Added new building in downtown area
- Added two new buildings near slums
- Added second story to small apartment building in residential area
- Expanded small white room behind spawn
- Added new area "Underground" near spawn and dead end (where the beach used to be)
- Added moving gate to red brick building in Corner (between Slums and Downtown)
- Renovated the industrial section
- Added Bank
- Added 2nd floor to PD
- Moved Spawn to courtyard near bank in an attempt to incease FPS in the downtown area
- Made bank vault larger

I think that’s all, all feedback is welcome. I know this isn’t anything huge but from when I used to RP a lot (around the time I started making this), all the extra stuff adds a lot to the DarkRP gamemode and variants.

I have to give you credit, you did make a lot of changes… The map doesn’t look half bad from the images.

But, if you are seeking feedback… well, here you go:

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I think that speaks for it self… Good work.