Looking For Some Good Builders For Project "car"

Addons That will be used are:ACF|Wire|WireExtras|And Maybe Sprops’
The Plan is To Get Half the people to Build the best Frame an Suspention that can be made And Half the make the accual Body
Im Gathering As much people as I can post Your Coutry and time you are usually on In Chat

nvm about it No one wants to help

You don’t actually think people are gonna fall for this trick now do you? ‘maybe sprops’ rofl.

I think he is just a kid (if “project car” didnt give it away)

For us that are stupid? What trick is this?

He clearly wants to dupe something here. He clearly doesn’t have any experience. So with this, he has a chance of duping something he isnt capable of making himself.

Building a fun to drive car chassis isn’t difficult. I’m not even a ‘good’ builder, merely average, and I can whip one out in about an hour and a half.

Look up some tutorials and give it a shot. It’s not that difficult and you’ll end up with the biggest shit-eating grin you’ve ever had when you finally get one running. That’s how I did it a few years ago. It also helps to reverse engineer some cars, which conveniently enough is easily doable if you use the right tutorials on Youtube as some of them have dupe links in the description.

I Can already build cars, What I was trying to Do was get together a group of people, to build An extreamly detailed and working race car. “Project Car” was just name I put because it was just a quick post. “Maybe Sprops” was because Alot of people are to dumb to get sprops. Why do you think its a trick. I can already build an awesome car I just wanna work with Other people and make an even better one. Dont have to be dicks about it

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Btw im uploading A dupe of a car im working on Now in a bit to Show what im accually capable of

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https://www.mediafire.com/folder/icj0b8uj22olk/Car “advanced Dupe 2” The Almost finnished file is Save Number 2 The rest are backups I made while creating the accual Body and Stuff. Now Wanna build An awesome car or not?

Do you roll a dice to figure out which letters to capitalize?

Serious: I am pretty sure the majority of people here are coders or modellers, not sure how big the amount of people willing to build is

Roll 3d6 to determine the critical hit of your Capitals in conjuction with your +10 Capitalization modifer. Don’t forget the random misspellings that come with your Middleschooler buff.

Realtalk though, Exho’s right. Not very many people here would be willing to make a simple dupe vehicle. You’d be better off advertising this on the steam forums and finding people there.

Dont know why I capitilize random things but. To the point, First whats with people in these fourms being against “Young” people and And it’s not just a simple Stupid Dupe. Theres so Much parts put into some cars. Doing Accual body work and crap. And I posted it here because this seamed like a good place to post.

because Young People talk Like this. also Most Kids just want To steal others works, as a Coder I can Tell You that there are Loads of kids That try to scam and rip me off.

I dont steal others work, I just wanted to get some people and build an awesome car to put on workshop or something that people can enjoy. I scripted for a game myself “MTA SA” Ive had about 50 scripts or mods created stolen by people. And I only use dupes that I create myself. If you look at the mediafire links thats an extreamly unfinnished car Ive been working on If this accually took place I wouldnt just sit to the side and let other people build.

I read every of his posts with a squeaky child voice on my mind. Anyone else too?

First, I have extreamly deep voice, Secound Im not A “Child” And Thrid you’re all dicks

Perhaps Facepunch isn’t the site you are looking for :confused:


I would be willing to teach how I put something like this together, but the problem is that you are too young to spell properly. Which puts you in the age range of just figuring out how to reason, and I teach suspension and chassis theory, which even adults have issues with. If you can tell me what a Weissach Axle is without wikipedia, and why it works to prevent lift off oversteer, then I’d consider reconsidering my previous remarks.

Or better yet, tell me why I use a trailing prior to radius two link setup in the 2.2 ton sedan above, and discuss it’s impacts on ride and handling.

Anyway I don’t think putting a car on workshop is the greatest idea in the world. It takes a ton of practice to build a properly sorted chassis, and it requires a ton of theory if you really want to get it right like no one else can.

Im working On A new one thats comes close to that. I will post image when its done, And thats accually not really that detailed And yeh true, but im not 2 I can spell I have reason. I’ll post images when im done

This’ll be good.

Yeah it’s also not done, I’d like to see you beat it around a track though.


these are a bit more up to date, I’ve been working on turn signals and a slight recalibration on the Hydraulic Self Leveling Suspension