Looking for some good DarkRP servers

I’ve been looking for a good DarkRP for a while and it’s starting to get annoying.
I just want a DarkRP where it’s well coded and the admins actually care, that’s all I really want.

Thanks in advance!

What kind of DarkRP? Build RP? Serious RP?

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I am setting up an RP gamemode (probably my own, not DarkRP) relatively soon. I also have a BuildRP on DarkRP - I can PM you the details if you want.

You could try my server but well… Nobody is playing on it but its not this CoderHire kind of server I feel its unique with the few things it haves.

PM me for further details.

PS. (You can play Doge with some hilarious twists)

Serious RP, I’d like to have some fun interesting jobs with a well coded server with leveling systems etc.

Just look for a Nutscript server like the new Fallout New Vegas one.
Trying to find SeriousRP in DarkRP is very hard because most servers which have titles stating “serious rp” or “semi-serious rp” usually are the types of servers that promote 100’s of rules and community nationalism.