looking for some good maps

i need some good maps for my server (69.46.201:27015) its a phx3 wire stargate server
i like war and building thanks for the help

hosted in WA, usa

Firstly, in what country are you located? I love stargate servers but it seems there are far too few of them.

Second, I too have been in search for a good map to use for stargate, and I found this one to be entertaining http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=59207

hosted in WA, usa

Common Successful Hosting Plans;

-Host a sandbox server on gm_construct
-Host an rp_downdown or rp_csc_desert DarkRP Server
-Host a Zombie Survival server on common ZS maps

Uncommon Sucessful Hosting Plans;
-Make a 100% awesome gamemode and host it with 64 player slots and a great map to go with it (This has only been by gmodtower if I am correct.)

Oh, I get it, it’s sarcasm, let’s help people with sarcasm.[SARCASM] Because sarcasm is really that easy to decipher over text.[/SARCASM]

If it was sarcasm, which I’m struggling to see since your post is relevant and factual, you executed it very badly.

Upon self evaluation I’m realizing in an attempt to add humor and irony to my post I have made it completely redundant. I’m sorry.

It’s cool. That one made me laugh, therefore you are forgiven.

Why was Wii the icon for this thread?

I wasn’t posting sarcasm, those plans work. :byodood:


About 82% of gmod users are camping, whiney 12 year olds. So give them a gamemode for camping, and a build server with one familiar map, my server gets 10/10 slots full every day.

there are alot of 12 year olds