Looking for some help with development of Luabee


What is Luabee?
Luabee is an ingame Lua editor which functions not unlike Scratch and Appinventor. It uses blocks arranged in a logical fashion to create Lua scripts which can be ran on client, server, or both. This code can also be exported into a Lua file for saving and distribution.

What is the progress on this project?
Currently I’ve knocked out the base code block vgui elements (well, mostly).
I need help with several things:


  1. Designing a menu layout that is simple, elegant, and efficient for the menu.
  2. Designing code blocks: Their shapes, their labels, and their colors.
  3. An icon of a bumblebee and Lua. Idk, be creative.


  1. Creating a system that runs the code in a logical order.
  2. Creating the actual menu vgui.
  3. Creating the code exporter.
  4. Creating variable definition blocks.


  1. Create a tutorial series on Youtube regarding the use of Luabee

The Mission:
I want to make Lua accessible by anyone who plays Garry’s Mod. I want to make it much easier to learn Lua in a gradual way. I want to put basic programming into the list of skills that every GMod player has. I want all this, and I want to do it for free.

Why Help?
First, your name goes on the project.
Second, this project will help many people learn the basics of Lua.
Third, collaborating on a project is a good way to learn teamwork in the programming field, which is a valuable asset for any coder.
Fourth, this won’t draw away your business. Luabee, at least in its beginning stages, won’t be good enough to handle complicated scripts and beginners won’t be good enough at Lua to create complicated scripts.

Media of what’s been done so far:


If you want to help, send me a PM and/or comment below.
If you have any suggestions, send me a PM and/or comment below.

This is pretty neat. I would recommend you add some sort of block in there that allows you to run a small snippet of code. Say for instance the player wants to write a small conditional thing, or wants to do some quick calculation then output the result. You might also want to trade that puzzle-style connection thing with some sort of wire style (draws a colored line from one point to the other). I hope you continue with this idea, it’s things like this that get people interested in coding! PM me for my steam, I can probably help you here and there.

I switched to your idea of wire styled connections because it was simpler and more elegant. I’m going to add little red squares that you drag to make elbowed lines. I also added functionality for multiple return values.

As for allowing small snippets of code to be ran, that can be accomplished with RunString() which will be a function available to the user.

The screenshot has been updated to reflect current progress. Thank you for the ideas. :slight_smile:

I created the wire connections. Now I just have to make them DO stuff.

Again, if anyone is willing to help, especially with function cataloging, PLEASE contact me.


I’ll be helping catalog the functions. Also, bump.

I made you a quick logo if you want to use it as a placeholder or a doormat or something.

Oh my God that’s hilariously awesome. Thank you, I’ll use this for now lol