Looking for some help with my gamemode (nZombies)

I’ve recently re-coded my gamemode, and coming towards finishing it. With this update, I will be able to upload it to the workshop, but there are a few things I want to do before I do put it on the workshop. However, where coding may be my strength, design and creativity is where I suck so this is why I come to ask you guys for help.

Firstly I need some new maps to be configured, making a config is super simple, but its finding a good map & making them balanced is the hard part. If you’re interested in making a config add me and I’ll give you a beta version to play with. If I feel its good & balanced I’ll upload it as an “Official” config and mark you as co-creator.

Secondly, I’d like a trailer for the gamemode, but I lack a decent computer for recording or post-editing and as mentioned above I suck at stuff like this. Some inspiration

Lastly, I need some more ideas. As much as I like it being like the original Nazi Zombies, I want some ideas that make it stand out as not an exact copy. The only thing I’d say is different is the ability to make your own configs.

If you think you can help in anyway please reply or add me on steam! Thanks guys

I played the older version of this before it was re-coded and got to say very fun indeed. I wouldn’t mind making a config? also for anyone who would be interested in making a trailer check this addon out. Really good for cinematic views etc its a 3rd Person Addon but you can configure it to any camera position really! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=108168164

If you know how you would want the trailer to look like i could record and edit it for you.
But i have bad creativity so i work better under circumstanses when i know what people want, so i rather have directions than just “Do whatever you think looks good”.
So send me a pm if you still need someone to record and edit :slight_smile: