Looking for some help.

So i recently for personal fun i’ve decided to try and start making addons. i began simple with a nextbot npc. nothing special just a flat picture that’ll chase you around the map yelling custom phrases. so i extracted a nextbot npc and began to edit the files to my liking (materials,sound ect) i’ve done all this and when i try to convert it back to .gma it doesn’t work. i drag in drop onto gmad.exe. if anyone can help please reply to tell me if you would like more info, screenshots of the folder or the files itself. i can provide.

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What did gmad.exe say when you tried to pack it

So i dragged my folder of the files which consisted of a materials, A sound and lua folder each containing files onto gmad.exe and it opened for a split second then closed. i thought maybe it worked but i couldn’t find the .gma file i was supposed to get anywhere

Drag + Drop won’t work. Read this article:

So i’m supposed to use a cmd? i’m very confused about that is there a youtube tutorial i can follow?

according to chnukymore that won’t work. i tried it myself and nothing happened by maybe i am missing an important part of the addon i’'m working on

Dragging and dropping works if the addon folder is set up properly, but if not you won’t get a chance to see what’s wrong.

Do it through the command prompt and post the error.

maybe i did the cmd wrong because after typing this into it ( (cd “<STEAM FOLDER>/steamapps/common/garrysmod/bin”,gmad.exe create -folder “C:\Users\Main\Documents\Lcast_nextbot” -out “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\bin” ) the only thing that it responds with is “more?”