Looking for some Ill Beastie Boys fans that are down to help!

I’m currently working on a map based off the set in which the Beastie Boys “Fight For Your Right (Revisited)” Movie was shot. The map includes, and will include, enter able buildings, mostly the ones entered in the movie, and several other Beastie references, like Paul’s Boutique. I would like to use to map to create a game mode in which takes place before the party scene in the Fight For your Right to Party music video, since the movie is based after and the video during. Objectives of the game would be to run around gathering things for the party that are scene in the video, beers, booze, pies, a sledge hammer, all the while playing as either of the 3 Beastie Boys. One thing is, I’m only a mapper and currently don’t know how to make props, player models, or game modes. I would like to find some other Beastie Boys fans interested into helping me in this production.

Let me know if you’d like to be in on this or have any input!

Well you’re the ideas guy it seems, provide some screenshots of what you can map, so we can see if the gamemode is worth making.

Well…you could try asking in the modelling section and the gamemodes section. If you have the mapping covered, why post it in mapping?

Your definitely right, I was searching through mapping and went straight to posting the thread without thinking to go to modelling.