Looking for some models

Hi ya’ll! I just got Source Filmmaker and I am super excited to start working with it, but I would like to find some models to use to get a movie idea going I have. So if anyone would be willing to take a commission for me, or can show me how to going about getting the models myself I’d very much appreciate it. The models I would like to have are the following:

Syd and Filena from the game Quantum Theory

Hayden from the game Dark Sector (Main dude with the glaive)

Alicia Claus from the game Bullet Witch (Default costume)

I would also like the Custom Character models from Soul Calibur 4 and Rock Band but I know this is hard since there is no technical “model viewer” where I could put the files together to make the characters I have so the top ones I mentioned are the ones I would like the most. Thanks in advance to all who comment and leave me feedback and commissions I am willing to pay for the models but it will take some time (funding is short as of late).

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Well if he fixes it right I’ll move this to the appropriate spot. I don’t intend to ask too often for models, really all the ones I want are listed lol.

Don’t expect that. He knows better, and STFU.

Lolwut did I say to deserve a “stfu”. Okay fine if Garry doesn’t want to undo what he did okay cool, but if he does, I’ll move my forum. But the “chaos unleashed” that plasmid referred I am not going to contribute to by posting countless threads requesting shit because that is dumb. Sorry if that “offended” you but I wasn’t trying to be a smart ass about it.

I dont get the STFU comment either, just wait it out im sure it will be fixed a week from now or longer, rage, while you may not contribute to it countless others will, I over exaggerated it but basically until its fixed it will be hard to tell everything apart.

Yeah, and that is unfortunate :confused: Hopefully it won’t take too long for things to get situated.