looking for some people to help me make a Gary's mod production

i have a few mods like cinematic camera and add-ons but i need some one to help with SOME footage of my video and to find and record some phrases i have a 480p no lag recording system uploads with in 30 mins but i need some people about 2-4 to apply one could host the server maybe and others just help i have the machine that makes props look like they walk and the bike i saved them with adv. duplicator i just need some help steam account name i am sure is: rockerbj youtube channel woodbs channel i don’t have much views cause i just started and don’t like using my mic to talk to my computer lol so please apply i am english and will be available from 6i sh am till 7:20 am then from 3:30pm till about
8:30pm because i go to secondary school

As you’re new to the machinima stuff, start out slow and not all too ambitious. Do some quick small films (please not random humor) and maybe a couple tests. It’s good being ambitious but if you’re new to this stuff, you should make the films on your own. Putting too much thought into it, like it feels with this (because you need people to record, do voices, etc), then it’s not going to work out.
I’m not trying to be a downer but just try out with a couple sketches at most first. Then work on from there.

ok lol i already have half of one

Before you try to make a rather large machinima, I might suggest making a Gmod slideshow. Just take some pictures in Gmod with the camera tool, and slap them in WMM with some effects and just work your way up. Start out small and slow. As Jackpody said, you’re going to need a mic and a pretty good computer unless you want a not as good looking machinima. Good luck with making one!

1995 called.