Looking for some people

First. This is not a server advertisement thread.

Secondly. I hope this is in the right section.

Im looking for probably 2 or 3 people to build with on my dedicated, port-forwarded server, none of that hamachi crap.


be older than 15

be able to build things other than slapping thrusters on a dumpster

Have experience with ACF(optional) and wiremod

Have the mods: ACF, Wiremod, sprops and possibly the propeller pack. All the tools can be downloaded from the server

If you are interested, please leave some info below


How long have you played gmod: 3 years
Building ability: 9or10
Wiremod experience: 9
Expression2 knowledge:7
General advanced building tools knowledge:10
Best way to contact:
Age, or just yes if older than 15: 17

i dont know, just leave some info XD.

Try posting in the games in progress forum, this forum is for general lua scripting

Two things.

Shit, i never saw that.

And i thought people would be a little more eager to get together with some semi advanced builders

I think a paid for 24/7 dedicated server would attract more people.

Im not headed for the big time, i was just thinking there would be some people on here who would just like to get together and have a buildoff. Just like 3 or 4 people. The server is close to 24/7 and its hosted on my i7