Looking for some voice talent

Greetings Facepunch,

I don’t come often so I guess I could be classified as a lurker. What i’m asking today is for some voice acting. This would be for a Project thats currently in the works. Basically i’ll lay out what I want / expect from the voice, and we’ll see what the community blossoms.

  • Needs to have a deep voice.
  • Russian / Cossack Accent a plus !
  • Must be able to strain his voice, and convey emotion.

  • Must have at least a exceptionable microphone capable of removing most of the static, and background noise.

    • The crisper the better !

Sorry if this is the wrong board to post in, but I thought because it had to due with gmod this would be the best place to do so !

Contact me on steam Richard554 for more details, and we’ll go from there.

Are you paying people for this?

We’ll see

Got a deep voice and I can do a very good Russian accent. :smug:

I have a relatavly deep but my russian accent is a bit shit, I can say Nicolai well, thats about it

I can do a old man voice. Name: =2D=

Do you need a loud screaming child?
Maybe it could be a form of administration.
Someone breaks rule
Ear rape

No I’m pretty sure he won’t have any issues finding those

they’re pretty damn hard to not find

I’m willing and able.
I’ve been told I have an epic voice.

Also I’m a sound engineer so good quality is guaranteed.

My russian accent is pretty shitty, but I can have a deep voice if I want to.
I’ll talk to you on steam.

Might have what your looking for, added you on steam yesterday (and we spoke for a while) :slight_smile:

I have deep voice and accent would be quite natural, but damn, no mic.

I do voices from Portal.
Check this out:


I know it’s not the Russian voice you wanted, but I figured it may come in handy, since I DO have a good mic.