Looking for some "war" models


-A parachute

-Muzzle flash (not TF2 one)

-WW2 planes (as all other sources have not worked)

-Sweps Binoculars? (usable binoculars)

-Life like fires

I have searched to no avail or broken models any help would be much appreciated as i will be using these for Gmod ww2 photos.

So…do you need these to be usable, or models?

Theres a parachute in this pack:

The muzzle flash can be edited with GIMP or Photoshop.

WWII Planes:

I think theres a binoculars model here, Im not sure:

The fire can be edited with GIMP or Photoshop.

Models do not need to be usable except for binoculars, again i appreciate the help the only issue is the planes model pack not working , they come up invisible.

I think its because that is for Garrys Mod 10, and the update to what people call “Gmod 11” broke it and it has never been updated. Sorry 'bout that.

You dont realy need modeled binoculars if they are to be used, do you?

Well what im looking to do is take pictures through binoculars in Gmod if there is such a thing?

Well, you need the camera tool to take screenshots. If you use Binocular SWEPs, you’ll already be using a weapon, and thus cannot take screenshots.

How did they do this then?


Yeah. They either used Photoshop or GIMP to edit it.

GIMP is free, but Photoshop is better in my opinion.

um…BFP4F T-90 and M1A2 Abrams pack’s T90 is too small…
T90 is 9.53 m. M1a2 is 9.83 m.
Can someone fix it?