Looking for Somebody to Edit a Map

I hope this forum is fine with requests. I’m looking for somebody to modify a map for my RP Server. I’ve already created detailed blueprints and designs of what I want edited I can give you. Essentially I’m only looking for one building to be added to rp_downtown_v2_fiend_day and a few fixes. If you’re interested, add me on steam and we can talk about the price, your skill level, etc. If you’re looking to get your work displayed on a popular Garry’s Mod Server, this is your chance.

My Steam profile is http://steamcommunity.com/id/hiddenfigure/
Add me so we can talk

You’re paying somebody to edit somebody elses map? Is that even legal?

There only happens to be 100 different versions of RP_Downtown anyway

which is why we dont need another 100 “different” versions

Good thing you don’t need one, however I do. Don’t worry, I assume you don’t even play DarkRP so you will rest easy at night knowing that one one map in Garry’s Mod was added for a Gamemode you won’t play.

Why not.

I sent you a request on Steam.

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The original creator of rp_downtown reportedly died some years ago (at least according to a close friend.) but while he was still around, he vehemently opposed anyone screwing with his map. While that didn’t stop the hundreds of idiotic rehashes, it doesn’t mean you should add to that pile.

His dying wish was to remove downtown_v4 from the internet. His brother spent his life saving and travelled the world trying to track down those who defiled the original downtown.

There are lots of great hl2dm maps you can play on, no need to make another edit of downtown_v2. It’s almost catching up to flatgrass fcs.