Looking For Someone that can make a gamemode

Hi i am looking for someone that can help me make my gamemode that i need to be done i wont share any of the gamemode info on here i you can make a gamemode i like you to show me what you made in the past contact me i will put my info down As Well Note: i will pay for the work.

Steam Name: Abdullahsss

Pay Range: 100$ - 300$

for more info contact me on steam i will be on

Might need A: modeler - Map maker

How much does the map maker make.

will be talked about add me on steam if you are one and we will set a price it all in the end comes down to how fast its done how big and how good :slight_smile:

There’s a thread for this.


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but i rather wait on this post and check that post.

Gamemode Maker + coder found all i need now is a map maker.

Mapper Found.