looking for someone to be Superadmin+ run my server.

Hi all,

Not sure if this is in the right place…meh

Basically me and my friend rented a 20 slot UK Gmod server, my friend has stopped playing gmod and now i have lost interest and dont have the time to keep maintaining it.

The server was popular when we first started renting, but now its a ghost of a server. its currently running sandbox, gm_construct_flatgrass_v6 with Evolve admin tool.

If i could i would stop renting it but im in a contract for a year.

Who ever gets to maintain it would have access to the server control panel and will be able to edit what they like. But a few things will be restricted to them.

You can contact me via here. No bullcrap, little kids or someone who is going to ruin it.

Person MUST be in the UK !

You will Not have to pay anything for this, just make a good server out of it = D

Why should the person be in the UK?

Never randomly ask for admins. At least make sure that the person with permission to kick and ban people should be someone you thrust and not a complete moron.

It helps if you thrust everyone implicitly.

Person should be in the uk because uploading content to the server takes a while. Also if they screw the server up i can hunt them down…joking = D

Its a big gamble really and quite risky but iv got nothing to loose. plus i don’t know anyone who would want to run it.

Most people would jump straight at an admin spot if someone offered, no matter what the server.

It is just your spelling and the fact that your asking for a random person in the United Kingdom to administrate.

Seems like your yet another 10 year old who got mommies credit card and rented out a server?

Who buys a year contract? You do that once you know your successful.

To be honest, i could not care less of what you think.
I paid for the server with my Own money which i worked for.
What i do or say with regards to my server is totally up to me.