Looking for someone to help setup Garry's Mod Server (NEW)

Hi, I am looking for someone to setup a server that I am going to purchase. I will gladly give out full admin to whoever wants to help (1 person) and this person will have access to add anything they want including any new additions, in the future. I run a big clan on CS:CZ (www.xr-cz.com) but play Gmod once and awhile and want to play in my own server. I am not use to Garry’s Mod Servers or how they are setup. I will pay for the server every month but I just need someone to help set it up. I will want DarkRP or something better. This will be a SERIOUS RP Server only. I like how DarkRP is setup. If anyone is interested in helping, please reply to this or email me xrcrew@gmail.com and let me know. I will get the server ASAP once I find someone.