Looking for Someone to make a Gmod Server with! ( TTT, JB, DarkRP, etc...)

**Just looking for a partner, or team to make a Gmod Server with. Maybe start a community. I have some good names right now. Also, looking for someone that will split payments with. So, if your not ready to pay anything, don’t reply. So if your interested contact me below, skype, and or steam. Also list qualities that you have like plugin manager, and stuff like that.
Contact Me:
Skype: whosBlu
Steam: whos_Blu

This should probably be in the : http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1193966 thread if you’re looking for coders. When starting a community, you should probably know the difference between your and you’re. And if you’re looking for a coder you should expect to pay them, not for them to pay for your server. Just my 2 cents.

He is not asking for a coder, he is asking for a partner for doing a server.
Anyway, if you do want to do a server, don’t do DarkRP. Do something new and custom. I am creating my own RP mode from scratch so I can make it more fun for everyone.
I can tell people already seem to like my gamemode from the name in the Garry’s Mod menu. Right now, It is called “MK Test” and people still join. xD

I would be happy to partner with you. I already have a community called Platinum Gaming, and the forum can be found here: http://platinumgaming.forumotion.pro/ and you can join the server by typing “plat” in the DarkRP section of multiplayer. (Without speech marks). We have some unique addons like a radio that lets police speak with eachother from long distances and Door Breachers (Shotgun and bomb) instead of the default battering ram. For a few days, the server will be down while we transfer the server onto an Alienware and add some addons.

You’re a bit late.


The things you said is free on darkrp forums and workshop “they are not unique.”


If this offer is still open then I will add you on skype. I am very interested in this.

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