Looking for someone to make a NPC shop and weapon holstering.

Hi, I’m looking for someone to make a NPC Shop (Whom you talk to, to buy weapons and ammunition from)
This is for a DarkRP edit, also, if you wish not to do it for free, a bit of money may be involved.


Edit: Weapon holstering no longer needed, pay was 25$ (For whom are curious of the amount I am willing to pay)

Edit2: No longer need help. Topic closed.

Ha that would be great. I would like it to work with sandbox aswhel as dark rp because i never go on that any more.


if this ever gets made somone pm it to me.

Thanks for a bump.
I am paying them for the scripts, however if they allow I’ll see fit to release this to the public, for all to use; I know what it’s like searching for something yet finding nothing.
The weapon holstering should have been added by garry from the start in my opinion. (Or as a option)
I agree, it would look nice in sandbox!

Great to make little towns and put your working npc gunshop in it :smiley:

Ill maybe try to do that, but ill dont be able to do it before the next week(School problem).

Derma + Use on an entity with a human model function = PROFIT!?

Me + No brain = Utter failure.
Why else do you think I would come here to request?

function ENT:Use(pl)
pl:SetNWBool("Talking", true)

thats for the entity.

This would go in the gamemodes init file.

function Clicked1Hi(pl)
if !pl:GetNWBool("Talking") then return false end
pl:SetNWBool("Talking", false)
concommand.Add("Clicked1", Clicked1Hi)

for the client side menu, something simple like…

function TALKTALK() 

if !LocalPlayer():GetNWBool("Talking") then return false end

 frame = vgui.Create( "DFrame" ) 
 frame:SetPos( ScrW()/2.38, ScrH()/2.85 )
 frame:SetSize( 300, 218 ) -- Width and height make sure its 38 units more than the second one.
 frame:SetTitle( "I TALKZ" )
 frame:SetVisible( true ) 
 frame:SetDraggable( true ) 
 frame:ShowCloseButton( false ) 
PropertySheet = vgui.Create( "DPropertySheet", frame )
PropertySheet:SetPos( 5, 30 )
PropertySheet:SetSize( 290, 180 ) -- Width and Height Make the second number bigger for more options

SheetItemOne = vgui.Create("DCollapsibleCategory", DermaPanel) 
SheetItemOne:SetPos( 25,50 ) 
SheetItemOne:SetSize( 300, 75 )
SheetItemOne:SetExpanded( 1 )
SheetItemOne:SetLabel( "I TALK" ) 
CategoryList = vgui.Create( "DPanelList" ) 
CategoryList:SetAutoSize( true ) 
CategoryList:SetSpacing( 5 ) 
CategoryList:EnableHorizontal( false ) 
CategoryList:EnableVerticalScrollbar( true ) 
SheetItemOne:SetContents( CategoryList ) -- Add our List above us as the contents of the collapsible category 

CategoryContentNine = vgui.Create( "DButton" ) 
    CategoryContentNine:SetText( "HI THERE! :3" ) 
    CategoryContentNine.DoClick = function() 
	surface.PlaySound( "datapoint/savedata.wav" )
CategoryList:AddItem( CategoryContentNine )

PropertySheet:AddSheet("-", SheetItemOne, "gui/silkicons/group", false, false, "-")
 concommand.Add( "MyMenuTHING", TALKTALK )

There you go :3

Oh mah gawd, thats a gold mine. Now If I can figure out how to make it work. Will you add me on steam?

Depends… :v: you can click the little steam thingy under my name.