Looking for someone to manage a sandbox server.

(Really unsure as to where this type of thread would go, so if there are any issues from this please let me know and I’ll contact a moderator to get this locked. Thanks!)

Alright, here’s the deal. I run a very expensive dedicated server with amazon and as such I host 6 EU game servers for my community. The only problem is, I can’t manage all of them on my own so I am looking for trustworthy, hopefully experienced people to manage a Garry’s Mod sandbox server.

What you will get:

  • A free sandbox server forever. (May change if the server has to go down in the distant future, or if you aren’t managing it very well)
  • FTP and Panel access to the sandbox server.
  • Unlimited bandwidth + HDD space subject to fair usage.
  • A maximum of 24 slots.
  • Full admin rights on the server, as long as I’m allowed as an admin for security sake.
  • Moderator status on the GMod section of my forum.

What you need to do:

  • Make sure the server is actively updated, advertised and if possible, populated.
  • Post update logs or generally moderate the GMod board on the community (which is nearly empty right now, so not much to do here).
  • Run moderator/admin applications if necessary to help you out with managing the server.
  • Be active on the server as much as possible.


  • Experience in running a GMod server, being well known here is a bonus.
  • Be mature and someone who won’t just leave the server after a few days.
  • Preferably EU for lower ping, but if you have decent internet anywhere else should be fine too.
  • Must have the community webpage in the server hostname I.E. “Sandbox Server | xenoyia.com” and if possible, advertisements for it within the server.

Don’t take this as an advertisement for my forum or anything, I posted here because Facepunch is simply the best place to find someone experienced to manage a GMod server.

Thanks in advance.

This isn’t the correct place to post this, as it is technically server advertisement. Besides, nobody wants to manage your server just for the sake of doing it. You have to offer something they would want. Money usually works.

I should pay someone to give them a server? what.

This is mainly for people who want to own a sandbox server but have no money. I’m not paying anyone for that.

Perhaps you should rephrase it, then. You’re asking for someone to manage your server. To me, that’s less of a compromise or deal and more of a job posting.

There are people who might take your offer, but the people you’d want in this type of position won’t overlap that group.

This seems like a lot of work for someone to do for free, especially when you’re going to be running advertisements and potentially profiting from others managing it.

I don’t really mean managing perse, more like I want to give my server to someone who can run it and keep it active, someone who wants a server but doesn’t want to pay for it. I would’ve thought having some advertisements was a fair trade for a free powerful server + unlimited bandwidth + 10gb HDD space.

It’s not a free server if you have to work for it. It’s also not really mine if I have to follow personal orders and run it the way you want.

If you want to give the server away, give it away without any strings attached. Otherwise, you’re looking for someone to do your work for you.

Edit: I should also say that you shouldn’t restrict it to Sandbox. There are a lot of cool uses for a gmod server, and sandbox is just boring for many people. If you were to allow any gamemode and administrative options, as well as some of the stuff I mentioned before, I could see someone taking the offer happily.

While I agree about not restricting it to sandbox, the amount of people who would want to turn it into an RP server is astounding.

I’m legitmately interested in your offer, only thing is I reside in the states.

I have previous experience being a Co-Owner on an RP server before as well as a senoir admin on another.

My steam contact is [FL:RP] Shorty or roblox12.

Personally, I’ve always wanted to create a mix of Spacebuild and Zombie Survival. The planets are infested, but have great resources. Life in space is all about taking risks to retrieve these resources, sell them, survive, etc.

One day…

always interested in a Workaholic sandbox server Aka guys SANDBOX =p i think ittl be fun plus you get to add what you want make it popular etc =D maybe rp zs orr… how bout GUNGAME

Please read this.