Looking for someone to port GoldSrc maps!

There are two maps that I have in Opposing Force that would REALLY be nice for posing; Private_Beach_V2 and Drive_In.

Tried copypasting the .bsp, didn’t do shit. If someone could recreate the maps it would be lovely.

I don’t have any screenshots of Drive_In unfortunately, but i have plenty of Private Beach. If you already know the layout of the maps, then it should be no problem. You can find the screenshots of private beach in my steam screenshots, newest first.

Binary Space Partitioning isn’t a universal format, you can’t drag maps between game engines and expect it to work.

Porting HL1 maps to Source isn’t trivial. If you have to decompile the map, it makes a horrible mess that you have to first clean up to understand and then re-create the entire map brush by brush.

The maps that you want ported are really ugly and in my opinion aren’t worth the effort. I’d consider doing the work for commission, but keep in mind it would look completely different in Source.

What do you mean it would look completely different? Do you mean different layout or different graphics?

If it’s layout, then fuck that shit, if it’s graphics, better or worse?

The layout can be made as close as possible, but you have to understand that decompiled GoldSRC maps are basically a heap of corruption that you have to sort out. It’s not possible to get the geometry to be 100% identical to the original.

Another big issue are textures. GoldSRC has a lot of textures that have dimensions that aren’t power of two and can’t be ported properly. Power of two dimensions would be like 32, 64, 128, 256. There are tons of textures in GoldSRC that are 24, 48, 96, 112, 144, etc.

Exacerbating this are texture lights, which must have extra work done to make the texture look correct in Source and make it actually cast light.

The skybox could probably be made to look the same, but lighting in the map will be considerably different also.

If you’re willing to take the effort, then go for it. I’m sure some people other than me would be able to find use for it.

Like I said, I’d be willing to do it on commission.

The only case where I’d consider doing it for free is if I liked the maps and found some use for them myself and I don’t.

Are you looking for a 1:1 conversion of the map for source (original textures / geometry)?

Updated textures or not it would be fine.

From his request it’s pretty clear he wanted a 1:1 port, which isn’t possible.

The essential decompile process will destroy all entities, including lights. There cannot be a 1:1 port. It can be made close, although it’s debatable which would be more work: Decompiling and re-gridding with HL:S recources, or remaking the map with HL:S resources.

The drive_in.bsp map uses a ton of custom textures, sounds and a skybox which all have to be manually ported.

You can get 100% accurate geometry if there are no weird shapes in it.
Oh wait the map has rocks on it.
Yep op is screwed. rock geometry is a pain in the ass to accurately recreate.
You can port the non power of 2 textures and just realign them. It is a pain, but gratifying once that heap of corruption and junk data turns into a nice, shiny map.

Re-building from the decompile is easier and faster since you have the base already and you can just repair broken entities. The lights are an issue only if the original mapper used a customized lights.rad, in which case a perfect recreation is impossible.

The compile process introduces rounding errors into the final binary space partition, and decompiling that is an approximation of rounding errors of 1 unit thick brushes. Decompiles are even worse on maps that use the original compile tools designed for Quake because the Quake compile tools leave brushes in the void that also get decompiled and turned into a horrible mess.

The only map decompile where you’d get a 100% identical decompile is a room that’s a box with no doors or windows since the decompiler can’t deal with things that break wall spans and just spam corrupt brushes.

You can’t use anything from a GoldSRC decompile, the brushes are all 1 unit thick and the map will be leaking out the ass from all of the mangled brushes. All brushes must be recreated from scratch.

I’d do it on commission, Galen. Not sure exactly what would be a reasonable price for maps like these, though.

If the map is made out of simple geometric shapes and no brushes with more than 7 faces it should be fine.

I have spent the last 2 years decompiling goldsrc maps and stretching the 1 unit thick brushes to remake the original shapes, and the results are perfect. There is no point in making new solids when the plates can just be stretched. Don’t you dare tell me that it must be done from scratch, for I know it does not.

I’m game for anything that isn’t real money. I have a boatload of tf2 stranges and dota items that could be sold on the market for money, though.

Ehhh yeah I can’t exactly give those to my family and friends as Christmas presents, so no thanks.

Can you give me a link to the maps? The bsp files I mean. If they are simple enough, or interesting enough I may do it, just to kill some time.

Those 1-unit thick brushes are often not exactly on grid. Even though it seems to be so in hammer. For best results, you’ll still have to rebuild everything.

Which is no GoldSRC map ever.

Haha, you’ve just lost all credibility you had as a mapper. Don’t tell me you also make regular use of carve?

Here’s a perfect example where your method falls flat on its face:

Please tell me where “stretching 1 unit thick brushes to remake original brushes” will fix this? You can’t because it’s not possible. Many of the original brushes don’t even exist anymore, you can’t stretch what doesn’t exist.

Here’s another example where you fall flat on your face again:


Remember where I said that the decompiler can’t deal with breaks in wall spans? So how would you stretch this obviously deformed brush to go back around the arch without making it concave? You can’t because it’s not possible.

I dare tell you that you have no idea what you’re doing, and you’ve been doing things the horribly wrong hack way for 2+ years. On the other hand, I’ve been mapping on GoldSRC since 1999 and mapping since 1997 so I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about.