Looking for someone to (re)-rig a model.

So the person who rigged my personal model doesn’t want to help with this anymore (i presume for various reasons and completely understand), but the neck and spine are rigged weirdly and end up like this ingame:


I can supply the .smd and .max file for it, all that needs re-rigging is the spine, from what i’ve been told. All the other rigging works fine, fingers included, so it’s not a complete re-rig unless it’s best to start from scratch, the rest of the model’s rigging seems fine to me ingame though.

If anyone’s willing to help me out on this then PM me and i’ll send the nessecary stuff. Greatly appreciated if anyone at all can help.

and the difference between this particular** model** and the other tali/quarians is…?

Wouldn’t it be easier to hex what already exists and apply materials therein?

God, another quarian? Fuck this

It’s a model hack.


If it was a skin then i would have already hexed it and be happy with it. The whole reason i’m having trouble with it is because it’s a hack and i know nothing about rigging and stuff.

This is a custom model. I have seen the .smd.

It contains bits and peices of Tali’Zorah from ME2 attached to Kasumi’s model. Such peices include Tali’Zorahs head & mask replacing Kasumi’s head in her hood. And also it has Tali’Zorahs hands and feet.

It was originally rigged by Barnz, however he is unable to continue working on this model thus Floater has requested somebody to re-rig it. I would do it myself but I have no experience nor the time to do it.

So ka.

Bumping for justice.

Does that mean theres a Kazumi ragdoll somewhere?

Most of the assets have been ripped. They just haven’t been shared.

Ah ok, if I had the PC version ME2 I would consider ragdolling Kazumi myself (as I have the DLC from the XBox) but unfortunately I don’t :frowning:

Ed;t: Then again I still have no damn idea how you sift the textures for UT3 engine games.

Kasumi herself hasn’t been ported, i’ve got the .3ds file of her that i used to hack together lying around if you want it, textures included.

But i still need this fixing if anyone’s feeling kind enough :saddowns:

Sure ^^ PM me it if you like, does it have all the original bones intact?