Looking For Someone To Run A Server ( Can You Make A Popular Server?)

Im Looking for a person who can admin (full control) over a server

I will be the owner / you will be the main admin

I have a server based in new york that i don’t have the time to make work

You choose what you turn it into mod server etc

It has 7 days left until renewal so you have a week to get it going ( if successful i will keep the server running and you don’t have to pay a penny )

Post below if you have what it takes to make a server run well

Please post why you are a good admin

Also post a link to your steam profile so i can add you if i think you are the person that will make it work


Are you actually prosuming that admins have to pay to admin your server?
Secondly, most successful servers are successful because they are unique thanks to custom gamemodes, mods, maps etc which most likely you will not have unless you know someone who can or you are open to pay big bux to hire some scripters.

And i doubt you can make a successful server within 7 days since most good servers are in the game for about a year or more (or its one of these one-day-flies who are only populated for about a week.)

Dude basically im letting someone have a server for a week, im not asking for top scripters or modders, Just giving someone who doesn’t have a server atm, who has the time to give it a shot and see what happens.

Im basically funding a server for someone, who has custom maps/mods/gamemodes on their server i haven’t seen any so how can i ask for that?