Looking for someone to run a TTT server with me

I’m looking for someone that can pay for a VPS, I also have a friend can sell me a VPS for a decent price (around 15$) that can probably run a server pretty well (2GB ram). I’m able to manage the VPS and help setup the server(both linux and windows server). If anyone’s interested just contact me.

Also if you’re interested in making a “community” that runs multiple servers at once, I’m fine with that.

Extra info:

  • I’m able to create a decent forums - preferably phpBB (using the vps, and I can connect it to a domain, if you do manage to buy one eventually)
  • If you’re interested in making a website, I can help with that, also add in advertisements we can profit from.

So you just need someone to pay for it?
Why wouldnt he/she just make one himself instead?

I’m not saying to pay for me. In other words, I’m looking to be the second Owner of a server, preferably new, and I have experience with running servers on VPS, also I have a connections so I could get a decent VPS cheap price. So perhaps if somebody wanted to run a server, but wasn’t that “tech savvy”, or whatever, I could help with that. Otherwise, it’s still good to have another person to help you out.

Hey guys, I’m still looking for someone that wants to run a TTT server with me, I’ve gained more experience as well, I can get members pretty fast, and I also can help setup the server/website. If anybody is interested please add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Remixful

I don’t have money to fund a server and that’s where I need someone’s help, and I can also help setup a donation system. :smiley:

I’d be up for it.

Add me on steam: [KoGK] BetaTheFirst and we can talk more about it.

This thread in a nutshell -

Pay for a VPS because I can’t,
Pay for a domain because I can’t,
We can use your domain and your vps so I can profit (???) from advertisements,

In return I will install leaked scriptfodder/coderhire scripts on your DarkRP server and give all my friends admin so we can all have fun and play on there.

  1. It’s a TTT server
  2. I never said anything about inviting my friends, and I take ranks seriously, and I don’t use leaked scripts, I like to keep the server vanilla with some essential addons.

I added you on steam Beta. This thread is open again.

100% of the price for 50% ownership?

No thank you.

Running a server now. Current ip:
32 slots
Website: PlatinumNexus.com
PlatinumNexus Gaming | Semi-Vanilla TTT | NEW | 24/7 Minecraft

:3 Thanks to a good friend for buying it for me!

Can mods close this? lol