Looking for someone to take over glua.me

Hi guys,

I’m looking for someone to take over glua.me. A while ago it used to be fairly popular, hosting Overv’s LuaSearch (never updated past GMod 12) and LuaBin (updated up to v146). Unfortunately all of the site’s files and databases were lost in a SolusVM exploit about 8 months ago and hasn’t been touched since. I don’t really want glua to die but I don’t have an interest in Garry’s Mod anymore so I want to give it to someone who does. The domain expires in about a month but I will renew it for a year should someone reputable approach me with concrete plans.

Let me know if you’re interested!

It can be pretty much be replaced with GitHub search and Official Wiki.

It doesn’t have to stay as LuaSearch and LuaBin, I was just giving some backstory of what it used to be.

I’d be very interested in a website that saved me a couple of clicks needed to get to method/hook x on the wiki.

But thats about as much as I can think of.