Looking for someone to teach me about cars!

Hey, I’ve made a pretty basic car with suspension but im looking for someone who I could call in skype today and they would teach me in a private server how to make for E.G. Suspension (better) or engines or even gear boxes…

If you would like?

  1. Some graphic design… E.G. Steam picture, wallpaper, forum siggy
  2. Senior rank on my DARK RP server

Please post some video tutorials as replies on Gmod cars if you guys know any.

Skype name: rhigosrebel

Lose the “Requirements” section, I’d say. People will do this as a favour for you, so don’t tell them whether or not they can help you. Nobody cares about a rank and your designs aren’t great.

I don’t know much about GMod cars, but these tips might help you find someone who does.

How would you know about my Designs, that one as my profile picture is not mine

Unlikely. If you designs are so superior, you wouldn’t rely on others to make some for you.

How about you listen to the people who know these forums better than you do, drop the requirements, and ask politely for some help

Because it was my picture before I started designing, when I first signed up… and I did so I dont see how I didn’t ask nicley?

Instead of asking us to teach you, look up some YouTube videos. Seems to me like you just want someone to build a car to your specifications to get some useless title on your server or some poorly designed graphics.

Look at your avatar.

Now look down a couple of centimetres.

Now click the icons.

Tada, you just revealed to yourself your ugly Photoshop work.

Whats even funnier is the fact that he has a car tutorial on his youtube page…

Garrysmod is more of a learn it yourself kind of game, just experiment with the tools and you’ll figure it out, it just takes time

actually, if you’re willing to pay my server’s rent this month, i’ll teach you what you want to know

(8 usd is my bill)

How about you just say yes or no to his question and stop being a bitch

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how about you stop sniping at me for no reason, i helped him out by giving him a recommendation and tips

youre just an overall terrible person

Don’t even try.

You’re the terrible person, all he asked was for someone to teach him about Gmod cars, and you attack him about his graphics and end up insulting him and not helping him, you just want to start trouble and ruin the forums, so how about you keep your mouth closed if you don’t want to help someone, if you don’t want to help him, don’t even get on his thread.

Nah man! He’s a good guy. :v: He just has low patience toward idiots.

The tutorials in the OP of that thread seems to be what you’re looking for. There should be pretty much everything, suspension, steering, engine, etc. Go wild.

Thanks man, I’ve seen some of your cars on YouTube the detail is amazing…

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Love how you all can’t even see my newer graphics… Every link down there I probably haven’t updated for about 5 months… and what I have updated is nothing to do with graphics… if you want t bitch at me about outdated graphics and not actually helping me then keep going but I won’t be listening.

Are you autistic or some shit, who considers something like that as an “attack”. It’s actually quite kind, dumbfuck.

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Apparently. I said he has his own tutorial on how to make Gmod Cars on his youtube channel, yet he is asking for them… Then he goes back ranting about his “graphics”

like… what the hell? This kid will probably take the greeting “Hi” as a fucking insult.

Screw this kid. I’m out.

Is it so wrong of someone to ask for help? I don’t see why his “requirements” are so bad anyway. Granted I don’t like RP, it’s actually nice of him to offer something like this. I mean seriously come on, we all at one point in our lives were stuck in some kind of rut that we needed help out of, even if the path was laid clearly out for us. OR maybe he doesn’t understand the tutorials, and wants and active demonstration to actually get the designs down. From experience I learned what I basically needed to know about cars though MrWhite’s tutorials. It gave me everything i needed to know to make a BASIC makespherical chassis. HOWEVER, I played on servers with other people who knew how to make chassis’ better. I asked for help, and found I learned more from other people than I did from the tutorials. Once I got all that down I took it my own way and started making my own chassis’ the way I wanted to.

So before you troll me, think about my monster of a paragraph the next time someone asks for help in a LEGITIMATE way. I’m certain if any of you were put in his situation you’d do the same exact thing. Think before you spit that diarrhea out of your internet-mouth. You could have quite possibly lost a valuable friend here.

[EDIT] OP if you want any help with a chassis, you’re more than welcome to add me on steam and ask any question you want. Hell, I run my own server and can show you myself!