Looking for someone who can help with a TTT Server!

Hello Bear Here! I just recenly bought a a Gmod Server thinking it would be super easy!

Well shit, Wasn’t i wrong!

Its way harder and complicated then it should be too me but thats me and thats probably becasue i dont understand a single word of it!

Anyways im looking for someone to help guide me on how to install Addons correctly and do other things such as a cool loading screen, or replace my crowbar to a dildo. (Note: there is a Mod for the Dildo i just dont know how to put everything in).
Ok im also looking for someone who knows how an Admin can spawn with a Custom Weapon or how to get a Custom Display. When yu hold TAB how to take the TTT and the Guy out and put your own logo!

Basically in short terms heres what i need:

  • Help with installing Addons
  • Anyone who can help with Custom Display, Loading Screen or Score Menu
  • Any Tips or Addons i should get
  • Admin weapons, Words under peoples names like “I like Cheese” and its in any color. Seen on some Servers
  • Etc. You see my point! I just want a cool server and i need some help!

Also if any reads this i’d appreciate comments of what addons i should get!

Also if you do Custom work for me i will Pay you Via PayPal but only if its done Professional and Correct.
So i look forward to seeing some comments! I really want help with this as i love Garys Mod and want a cool server!

Bump. Still looking for help!

Remember guys, he wants it done in a


Google is your friend here, I’m sure you can figure it out. Most addons have readmes that have installation instructions in them, read those and do what they say.

Not wanting to be a dick, but most of these ideas sound horrible. Try to keep the server as clean as possible and don’t mod too much stuff. A server is more fun to play on if your gameplay isn’t disturbed by dildo swinging retards and hats and pointshops etc. The admins playing should also be on the same level of play as the normal guest so they shouldn’t spawn with weapons just because they’re admins.
Don’t sell admin either, instead find some friends you can trust to take care of your server who won’t abuse their powers.

Ehh, I can offer some help here.

If you’re looking to replace the normal crowbar and have the model, go into garrysmod/gamemodes/terrortown/entities/weapons/weapon_zm_improvised and open up shared.lua in Notepad++ or just notepad. Go down to lines 20 and 21 and replace the view/world model and there you go.

Okay, google is your best bet here. As is the Steam Workshop, Zombiemaster ttt forum and garrysmod.org. You’ll find plenty of stuff and you should really choose what you want yourself. Keep in mind, almost any public TTT item you find download links for will be on almost every other server. If you have the money and some ideas for custom TTT weapons, check out http://coderhire.com

Do you have space where you can host a web page? Loading screens are made up a single html url, which is added into the server.cfg (located in garrysmod/cfg)

Personally, I think a TTT server is something you kinda want to put an effort into. Like, there’s so many servers that are just filled with unneeded tacky features and awful op shit. If you’re adding something to server, do it because you want to or it’s relevant, not just because you can.

Try and do something a bit original really.