Looking for someone who can make an advanced GameMode

I need a Prison RP gamemode made in exchange for a staff position once the server goes up. Currently I’m just using Tacoscript (the best thing I could find on garrysmod.org) and it’s not good enough, and I can’t exactly code very well. I was wondering if there was someone out there who could set it up for me in exchange for the staff? I’d appreciate it! Thanks. Message me on Steam if you can. TheLastDonut

Not to be immature or something, but I realy don’t think anyone would make a “advanced” gamemode only for a staff position.

I entirely understand.

Really. No one codes for server privileges. It’s like giving you a coupon for a shop in China.

Once more, I understand that this isn’t a fair trade.

Give me £45 and I will do it. I accept paypal and your mothers/dads credit or debit card.