Looking for someone who can optimize rp_castlehill for me.


I need someone who’s good at optimizing maps. I’m almost done with my upcoming medieval map Rp_castlehill ---->http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=700075

Almost all the architecture is done but i’t need’s optimizing. I could probably learn to do it myself but it would take months.

SO: If you’re good at optimizing, then tell me you’re interested and show me some work you’ve done (i don’t want to give the map to a newbie) And i’ll send you the vmf.

You will be given exactly as much credit as i will.


Learn to optimize, you’ll never become a great mapper without it.


Optimization is important, like the guide says, use nodraw on places that aren’t visible, make your skybox as little as possible instead of a huge big box around the whole thing, open areaportals to seal off different areas and hint/skip to cut up your map.


Reposted for the truth. If you want to get good at mapping, that’s your new optimization bible. Always refer back to that when you first start learning.

HEY. this wasn’t what i asked for, I know that optimizing is important.

I do want to learn advanced optimizing,

But Since the map is finished (except for the optimizing) i would just like to get it released. And it would take me a long time to learn optimizing properly.’
So i thought that it would be smart to let someone else do the optimizing so that you guys can get the map as fast as possible.

But thanks for the help anyways.

No releasing without learning to opitmize it yourself!

No, it’s not smart. If the map is rushed, i don’t even want to see it.
Besides, it’ll be a complete bitch to optimize because you didn’t do it as you go along and as such if you want to complete the map, you should do it yourself so you think baout it next time.

I know the BASICS of optimizing, the nodrawing, func_detailing and and such things.
I DO NOT know the more advanced stuff like area portals and hints.

And like I said, these things take time to learn properly, and mapping is just one of my many interests.
Which means that I won’t have much time to learn these things now that school starts again.
And that means the map won’t be released for a very long time.

SO, what I thought was that i could let a more experienced mapper do the advanced optimizing this time. I know that no one might want to do this, but I thought i might as well check if there was any interest for it.

I’ve done the “foundational optimizing”, that affects the architecture. So i don’t think it would be a hell to edit, since the other thing just have to be added.

And to, I’m just curious if you have even taken a look at the map?

To be pro optimizer:

  1. Use select tool.
  2. Drag mouse on any grid besides 3D View.
  3. Make the drag box around EVERYTHING.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Press Ctrl+T.
  6. Click Apply on the func_detail window.

This will make your map pr0.

I’d do if if you paid me $20 per hour.

I’d do it if I was good enough with optimizing outdoor areas (which your map has a lot of).

I could pay you 20$ for the whole job. Cause you might not be honest with the number of hours you’ve worked on it :stuck_out_tongue:

ill do it for 15$.

You could make env_fog_controler then make the render distance just behind the fog. everything behind that distance wont be rendered.

The fog is just hiding that distance.

That is so if you want fog in your map of course.

yeah, i’ve thought about that to. It might be a good idea.

no dice

Meh, if I did it, I’d just use a large func_viscluster on the outside and a low skybox then go around func_detailing the objects that don’t block your view too much like fences columns, trim, details, and generally fairly small/thin things that don’t block your view… Because if you func_detail a large wall, the game thinks you can see through it and renders everything beyond it even if you can’t see it… making it even less optimized.

I have no idea how to use hint or skip…

Come on help him!

Omfg, you destroyed the optimization of the Source Engine.

By the way, areportals are not difficult to use, just pust one in a house where the game displays too many things.
Hints, just put one in each door/window/gaps. I draw (i don’t draw very well, sorry) a little house with 2 rooms, to explain you how you should put hints :


VVis can see blocks, that’s all. It can’t see entities, displacements or props. So to help it understanding that’s a freaking house with two rooms, you have to put some hints to define the room.

PS: Sorry for spelling mistake, I’m French and I don’t speak English well.