Looking for someone who still possesses Battlefield Play 4 Free client files

Sorry if this is in the wrong section, although I need the files because I want the models so…

Basically what it says on the title. I am looking for someone who still has these files somewhere, so I can look for something in the models there.

I might have these laying around. I remember downloading it when I heard it was going down. Let me root around and see.

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I’ve got the game still installed. Do you want the content .zip’s or the whole thing?

if you could get me everything for archival purposes, that would be best, but if it’s not possible, i’ll take whatever you can get me.


This is the last version of the game before shutdown. Feel free to upload it to Pirate Bay or some other torrent site because I don’t have accounts on any of them.

Everything seems to check out. Thank you very much kind sir.

Hey there! I’m sorry for the necrobump, but I have tried to PM Lucky9Two and I was unable to do so.
I have also PMed another member in this thread who, unfortunately, couldn’t help me.
So, having said that, does anyone still have those latest files of Battlefield Play4Free, which were available in the link above (that is now offline)?
Thanks in advance!

I have not yet been able to get the folder you ask for.