Looking For Specific Team


So im not so good fighting in Rust, and I want to get better.

Visiting Battlefield servers solo, only goes so far.

Heres my plan, I have found the perfect server to do this on (kits good and signals available, but not over the top for a battlefield server).

We build a base, and defend it. Thats it. We survive and build a treasure stash!

To do this I need a team of 8 players, and cover 24hrs (within reason of course). The idea is to build a decent base and defend it from ALOT of Kevlar, M4 wielding C4 nut jobs.

I want to do this for a good amount of time, say a few weeks (most just pop on for a day or so to practice etc, but there are other teams around).

Requirements are simple, you a decent person and wanna have a go as a team player in this style of play.

Add me on steam, message me and lets do this thing.

Steam name- Shoshinkan