Looking for Staff - InterHax Gaming Community


So you wanna become a part of InterHax Inc., huh? Great! We would love to have you join us in our quest for internet domination (Or at least recognition XD). Here are the requirements and Available Positions:


Must be AT LEAST 16 or older.
Must have a microphone for your PC.
Must be genuine. (No idiots)
Must be good in your area.
Must speak good, fluent English.
Would help if you had references. (People to talk to me to tell me you’re good)


Videographer: You go around our servers and record shit that is funny, interesting, or a lul worthy. From there, you edit it and post it up on sites like Youtube. You will most likely be working with the Graphics Designer for stuff like intro slides and exit slides.

Graphics Designer: Okay, you will be exercised a lot, so be good in your field. You will be making stuff like logos, skin modifications, and other unique designs for our website, maps, and servers. You may be required to learn how to convert images into Valve Texture Files right from your computer for faster implementation (To give to the Map Designer).

Map Designer: Alright, you MAY be doing two types of maps. One of them is standard maps in Source SDK (Valve Hammer), and another is Second Life buildings. Second Life buildings can be pretty cumbersome at first, but I trust (if you’ve used Hammer) you can handle it. Its pretty similar. You will likely work along with the Graphics designer so (s)he can throw some logos/textures at you.

Coders: We may need a couple of people to do this stuff. Here are the different languages you will want to know. Know 1 out of all them plz :smiley:
* (We already got a LUA coder)
* C++
* C#
* Java (Maybe)
* Advanced E2 (Garry’s Mod)
* Python

Any of the above would be extremely helpful. Please know a lot in your field, especially for C++ and LUA.

Server Administartor: Ugh, here comes the most hated part of adding people to the staff list. So many people come and ask to be an admin because they want to do shit like get god mode. If that’s why you’re applying, please join one of our servers and voteban yourself. Anyway, Server Administrators are expected to know a tons about the game they are administrating on. You’ve gotta have patience for newbs, and look at conflicts from both sides. If you are administrating a GMod server, you better be more than enthusiastic to help people that don’t know how to do shit (Especially for WireMod). TF2 isn’t all that hard, but it helps to teach people how to do stuff like Rocket Jump and whatnot.

That should be about it for now. Anything else, I’ll post an update in the InterHax Steam Community, InterHax Website, or my blog.

SEND APPLICATIONS TO: KingJohn@InterHax.com OR contact me on Steam: oOKingJohnOo

PLEASE NOTE: This isn’t supposed to be some super special, ultra professional gig. Its just for a hobby, and maybe some practice with your computing skills. Its a great way to see how you could operate in a demanding world :smiley:


Your post is the perfect example to this argument, you are complaining because of your age instead of being mature about it and taking a different approach.


OR, you could just lie about your age. If you really think you’re that mature, by all means. When I do go to actually talk to you, though, I will be doing it over some sort of voice communication. The choice is yours.

I’d be glad to have a go at it, I know Lua.

Post Updated. We got a LUA coder. Now we really need 2 people: Source SDK Mapper and PHP coder.