Looking for Strobe/Flashing Lights

I’ve been looking for some. Could anyone possibly at least tell me if it’s possible, and maybe tell me a good tutorial for stuff like that? I’ll appreciate it.

I need strobe lights badly right now.


3 random gates, a constant value of 255, and a wire light.

Thanks, a lot. I’ll try that soon.

What gets wired to what?

3 randoms A to constant value, light R to random1, G to random2, B to random3.


Found what I needed

Is there a way to get it to flash rhythmicly instead of randomly?

I’m pretty sure you can make props strobe with the color tool. It might be a material tool or colormater or something along those lines. Try messing with the color tool settings. I may be wrong to feel free to rate this as a “dumb” comment.

I’m not sure about that, I’m thinking about some day just making a strobe tool or something.

You can make them strobe 2 seperate colours using a pulser gate, a button (1/0 toggled), a constant value containing the colours, and 3 toggle edge triggered gates.

Why not bungie cord it to a metal plate and stick a pulley on it? LOL (sorry)

Seriously though, whosdr, can you possibly explain what gets wired to what?

They really should just make a simple tool for this. I’m getting sick of fucking with wire to accomplish simple shit like this.

Wiremod is the best solution because it has the least to download, as it can create thousands of things that could easily be addons. It allows great contraptions with minimal downloading.