Looking for swep scripting tutorials (gmod 13)

I am surprised that there still aren’t any decent, up-to-date tutorials for making sweps in gmod 13.
I don’t know if i’m just no looking hard enough or what.
Could someone send me a link for a decent tutorial if it actually exists? Thanks in advance.

The reason I am making this thread is because I asked for someone to port Hellsing themed sweps from Gmod 10 to Gmod 13 but no one replied so I decided that I will stop being a leech on society and start making sweps for myself.
Unfortunately, all swep tutorials are outdated and crappy and I have to resort to digging through other people’s lua scripts but thanks to Garry’s workshop system, the addon folders are nowhere to be found.
I was unsuccessful in setting up my first swep so I still need some help.

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also you really dont need to explain yourself.

and i realised that tutorial is quite out of date, however if you are serious enough about making your own stuff you should read the 12 -> 13 changelog and find out what you need to do to get it working :slight_smile:

Sorry and thanks.