Looking for Sweps

Alright, before anyone tells me to go look on gmod.org for Sweps, don’t.

Now, my question: are there any world model friendly Swep packs any of you recommend(by world, I mean, your holding a Rifle with both your hands, it’s not a Crotch Weapon, or a Pistol held Rifle) I managed to find one(GDCW Pack) but I was wondering if any of you guys had any packs with their own world models where pistols were held like pistols, Rifles like rifles and so on and so forth, thanks for any help.

I’m nearly certain a few of the Mad Cow weapons have world models. Stay away from Kermite’s though, they don’t have world models and generally they’re all the same weapons just reskinned.

I tried Mad Cow’s, their decent, but, it looks like I’m holding an MG42 as a pistol(actually, nearly all Rifles/MG get held like pistols) I mean I know it may not be eay which is why I’m not exactly requesting a build, but I can almost guarantee some of you have weapon packs found somewhere that have good world models.

You could try out my pack; I make sure the worldmodels are perfect, and I try to make (most of) my sweps unique.

Link (If the gmod page link doesn’t work): http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=120837

Oh hey GeneralSturnn…it’s the guy you game with.

The most awesome weapons I used:

ECL Orion
Energy Blade
P90 styled weapon
LMG Contra(I LOVE THIS GUN!, may be inaccurate as hell, but it’s awesome)

The OICW was silent(as in no firing sounds) I always loved the OICW(I used in Ghost Recon alot, and any other game that used it)
Turcotte Rapid SMG had no world model
The Captain had no world model
The Block has no world model

I’m trying to form up some things for Gmod UNSC(roughly based on Halo’s UNSC, but not bound by them)

the LyL Theta is held like a Pistol also

all the mentions are just in case you didn’t know, but other then that, the 8 weapons I mentioned at top of post are awesome.

Well, I can help you there.
The OICW problem you encountered is either an issue with the sound scripts being completely broken or the shared.lua rolled a .wav file that apparently doesn’t exist (Which I should REALLY fix)

The Theta and another weapon have a holdtype issue, but I’ve fixed it: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=121057

It’s optional, and it even comes with a simple, free, ssswep as a token of thanks.

I fixed the Turcotte’s worldmodel and (maybe) the captain’s, It’s been a while since I’ve had the inspiration to code sweps. Also, I’m sure I fixed the Block’s WM, as well.

Anyone else have any other Swep pack recommendations?