Looking for team/anyone

Lone wolf is getting tiresome and my friends dont very much anymore. Im 29 and am in the US EST. I have TS and Mumble. 300+ hours.

Hit me up! Open to whatever servers.

Steam: ColdArmy

Sounds good. I’m Looking for a team too -27/us

Steam: “acrossalloceans”

I;m in man!I;m looking for a team too.I’m a guy which is 14 but he;s good at games:DI’ve got around 120 hours and I’m from Rumania.I am pretty good at speaking english:D

I am also looking for a group to play with. If you guys are taking in any more people into your group, I would be pleased to join.
I’m 18 and EST. I also have 207 hours currently, my old group quit on me and I am looking to find some more active friends in-game.
HMU on Steam: Gravuhtyy