Looking For Team Of Gmod Lua Programers To Help Make A Garrys Mod Gamemode With Me!

Hey there! I’m looking to for 2 or 3 lua coders to join me in a project. The project is similar to GMod Tower e.g the economy style. I am not an ideas guy, I have a fair knowledge of lua, but as everyone, I am still learning. If you are interested, contact me via PM here on the forums, or via Skype (my user name is jtoole36).

Why Do People Feel The Need To Type Like This? Why Would You Use Shift So Much? :suicide:


is this tyler again?

Yes, tyler and his trolling ways…

Fixed the post

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Also im not Tyler. I found the forum by trying to find a fix to my gmod lua code! I have fixed my post so please can you remove these negative comments

Regardless of that, nobody is going to help you take credit for all their work for free. Sorry.