Looking for team!!

Hey Guys,

I’m a 23 old danish guy (who speaks decent english) who is looking for a team to play rust with.

I’m looking for a team, since my squad abandoned after they removed the oil pumps, but I want to keep playing this game.

I got 450+ hours in rust.

Looking forward to some answers.


https://www.reddit.com/r/playrustlfg/ <- Basicly this link is the place to find players

Thank you so much, cheers!

Ive just started playing the game with a few friends and we have set up our own server. If you want to come play with us youre more than welcome. Our server is currently in california (due to having players in australia in our group) but we play on european time zones as well.

youd be more than welcome to tag along if you send us a pm or something.

If you’re not looking for a crowded server, you’re more than welcome to join mine… and we’re among other a bunch of danes playing on it, hook me up on steam for more info if you want to :wink:

ADD me on steam i got giant team