Looking for teammate

I’m not a fan of big groups so just looking for one person to play rust with or a small group of players. I’m in central usa. Must be 18+, friendly/have sense of humor, mic, and be at least somewhat active on rust. If possible a good shot, but not really required as I mostly want someone to have fun with on this game while being competitive too. I’m 26 and I usually play 2-10 hours a day depending on if I work or not. I’m also not new to fps and can hold my own in a gun fight. If you are interested let me know by adding me on steam “Zodd” or leave a response on this post. My profile is the one with a cat LOL picture =).

Maybe post the location your pref is for the lagz

Location is central USA.

add me, I have a server myself in central USA.

Steam id: jinyong.lee87

Still looking for someone to team up with. Also open to small teams of 10 or less people.

Hey zodd, we are a grp of middle aged guys(mostly 30s) that play from around 10pm-3am eastern time each weeknight and most of the weekend. We have members on both east and west coast so we have a diversified group. We are currently playing on a west coast pvp/craftable c4 server. Lower population than we like but letting the server play out another week or so. There are 5 of us at the moment. We share 90% of the loot I would say… Saving just enough for ourselves to have a room in the base with a load out of Kevlar and guns. Pretty much everything else is community loot and we all respect that, no hoarding, what is mine is yours kinda attitude. If this sounds interesting to you ya can add me on steam. I’m Rennoc, icon is a black and white sun. I looked for you in steam and had no luck in doing so. Cheers!

Still on the search. I’m free all day today so its a good day to try me out =).

cavaliere123, I’m in:)

add me on steam or post ur steam name so i can add u

I’m at work right now and will be back in an hour. I’ll add you then

add me on steam, name is the same

im looking for a small group too. Im on a really cool server with factions if you guys are interested.

Still looking… Not sure why this has been so difficult. I prefer just one other person to play with, but will also accept small groups of friendly active people.