Looking for textures and UV mapper for Genesect Pokemon model

Hey there! I’m looking for someone to UV map and texture my model shown below. Since I suck at creating textures and literally can’t UV map(tutorials haven’t helped), I need someone to help with this.

Note: The above file is in the .blend format. If you are looking for a different file format for your 3D model editor, please let me know and I’ll have it uploaded ASAP.

Basically I need someone to texture this model with ANY format image format, UV map them, and then apply them to the model(or whichever order it goes). A quick google search will give you reference images if you have no idea what “Genesect” is.

Unfortunately I cannot repay whoever does this work by paying real money, but what you will receive in return is credit for all texturing of the model, UV work, and your name in the credits upon the full release I do of the model I also will put links to websites/accounts on websites you have of your choice. Please send me the file upon you finishing the work(I need it afterwards to do the finishing touches with bone rigging) I don’t have a standard for how high-quality the textures should be, but at least try not to make them look like they were made in MS Paint in under 2 minutes, at least. Take as long as you need to texture it, it doesn’t matter how long.

Thank you in advance, and if you would like to texture this for me, please leave a response below. Both you and I can communicate via email, Facepunch private messages, or Steam. My account is http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198188284982/, should you wish to communicate via Steam. Thank you in advance for any help.