Looking for that RP map based in the 20th century

I remember seeing a WIP RP map based in the early 20th century, with ferries etc. I’ve been searching through the mapping forum for around 30 minutes now to no avail! Does anybody know what I’m talking about or have a link?


You might want to post this in the request section or the question megathread.

Also, suggest you to search deeper, because no one is willing to make a map for you, because you couldnt find one in 30 minute.

He is asking for an existing map, not for someone to make him one. And the question megathread is more for questions about mapping, not the name of a map.

Oh, sorry my bad

It’s cool. I remember seeing it WIP during early 2011 and it was scheduled for a late 2011 release. I’m just wondering if anybody knows about it and can direct me to a download link. I’m still looking btw, I haven’t just posted this and given up!

Are you thinking of RP_CatIsland? Because if so, boy are you in for a disappointment.

Oh god I think he is. Well, he’s in for a surprise. If you are in fact thinking about rp_catisland, it is kind of not going to be finished, and if it is, nobody’ll hear of it. The creator left facepunch after a ban and hasn’t been seen since, and that was in like October or something. Sad that he sort of threw it all away because of a ban. Sure, he could still be working on it, I don’t really know, since he had hinted at a December release, and the screenshots he posted showed that the map was pretty near completion, save for a 3D skybox he had trouble making. There’s just no way he wouldn’t have it done unless he hasn’t been working on it since the ban.

Actually, I think I remember him (or somebody else) saying that it wouldbe released, but not on Facepunch.

He did say that, but the question is, where? I’ve been looking for a forum where he moved to, or a place he has an account where he would release the map, but he flat out disappeared. It’s been since October, and he was pretty much done with it, but there wasn’t a release. Either he hasn’t worked on it at all since, or he gave up on it.

I’ve been checking Interlopers occasionally in the hopes that he’ll pop up there, but nope. The map’s too good to be wasted like this, it’s a shame.

maybe he killed himself

Maybe some rioters found his post and killed him.

He didn’t stop because of a ban, he stopped because people wouldn’t stop talking about his ban in the map’s thread. If the fans of the map minded their own business, he’d probably still be here.

It was mentioned a couple of times and he got super butthurt over it. I’ve seen far worse “abuse” on Facepunch. He’s an incredible mapper but you can’t expect to go on a huge racist rant then have no one ever mention it again.

I sort of see where he’s coming from though, racism is something nearly everyone feels, to different extents, and he was tired of holding it all in. Then, he probably felt ashamed of not controlling it the way he wanted to and just wanted it to be forgotten, but it wasn’t. So, instead of trying to make the past go away, he made himself go away.

Yeah, that’s the one CatIsland. Wow, that’s a shame. It looked like he put a whole bunch of work into it. What was his username? Maybe I can find something on google >.<

EDIT: Found his name: antimonycat

Yeah, I know it wasn’t the ban itself, because he came back, but it was people mentioning it in the thread. Although, he said something along the lines of, “if I’m banned from something, don’t expect me to come back.” Don’t quote me on it, but I recall him saying something similar too, which would mean the ban itself was, in a way, the reason he gave up on it.

Uh yeah dude, not that hard to find

That’s called sarcasm, which is when someone does or says something in jest because they are acting as if they’re being serious, usually for the entertainment of others.

You can read more about sarcasm here. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/sarcasm :eng101:

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