Looking for the definitive list of admin commands

I’ve been searching for a list of all available admin commands to use in Rust. I can generally find pretty much any info on my own, but it seems that this time, my Google-foo is failing me. Searches (including older threads on this forum) have yielded some results, but I’ve yet to find a complete, definitive list. Most searches return results from legacy Rust. The ones for the current version seem very incomplete. They have the basic ones like kick, ban and spawning items (that latter being useless since you can do it via the items list).

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?


You’ll find all commands there.
The only one wich isn’t listet yet is decay.scale <value> (default 1)

If you didnt got a modded server just ignore the oxidespecific commands.

Thank you very much. That’s a a more complete list than what I had already, but still looks incomplete though. Doesn’t include the command to fly around the map, enable the remove option (to clean up old structures), etc… It also doesn’t include the new admin teleport commands.

You can manually search the missing commands with the serverconsole just type “find <name>” for what your looking for.

Fly command would be right shift + p for invisible, right shift + l for visible fly.
If you press space or ctrl in flymode you get tped to the next player.

Thanks again.

And I see from the list you already provided, “find .” will give me a list of all commands. That’s exactly what I’m looking for.

The reason I want the fly and tp commands specifically is I’ve been made an admin on one of the servers that I play on. There have been a couple of people accused of cheating by people they’ve raided, but there has never been any definitive evidence of it. I don’t necessarily think they’re cheating, but I’d like to observe said players in the act of raiding without being seen so I can see for myself if they’re cheating or not.

No problem Chrunchmeister :9

Thats great i would love to see some commented raidcam footage on youtube soon.


I don’t think I’d want to take secret video of others raiding to post publicly. I think that it would be abuse of admin privileges. I most definitely want to remain as a player on that server and not use my god powers.

there are other commands I don’t see listed like:

spawn.rate_min and spawn.rate_max as well as the “del autospawn/resource/ores”

I would love to know more about options related to spawn and del/add resources