Looking for the name of the admin mod used by a lot of the applejack based gamemodes?

Hi I’m looking for the admin mod used by communities like fearless and limelight;

It has features like removing individual properties from people like “prop spawning” and “v access (vehicle access)”

I’m wondering if this is an established administration mod or it’s just a custom coded addon that they’ve shared with eachother.

(I apologise if this is in the wrong section, i feel that this is the most relevant section)

While I’m not sure, I can help you learn how to do that stuff.

First, Let’s begin with prop-spawning. We could use https://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/SANDBOX/PlayerSpawnProp to track when players spawn Props but if you look in the sandbox hooks we have Prop, Vehicle, etc.

We could create many hooks with the same rules. As been created before.

local allowed_groups = {
    ["superadmin"] = true,
    ["admin"] = false

local spawn_hooks = {"Effect", "NPC", "Object", "Prop", "Ragdoll", "SENT", "SWEP", "Vehicle"}
for k, v in pairs(spawn_hooks) do
    hook.Add("PlayerSpawn" .. v, "Prevent_Spawn" .. v, function(ply)
        if (not allowed_groups[ply:GetUserGroup()]) then return false end

Now, if we go to the Vehicle situation, we have https://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/GM/CanPlayerEnterVehicle.

This allows us to create a hook whenever a player tries to enter a vehicle and you can follow the same concepts as the first example and create a hook where certain groups can’t enter vehicles, or perhaps you can make it so they can not enter some Vehicle.

hook.Add("CanPlayerEnterVehicle", "AJ_VehicleCheck", function(ply, vehicle, sRole)