Looking for thrusted people for that.

Hi guys,
i started a new map for spacebuild, after few weeks of work, i give up made it alone…
to much stuff to do, i didnt have that time for this to make that map complete full.
I´m looking for some people which i can thrust.
Needed are:
-modeler, for the planet model and export + sdk import (with knowledge ofcourse)
-artist, who can made 3 textures for planet.
-architect, for planning the structure of planets and stations.
-testers, ofcourse, testers --> all >.< (last what i need until map is alive)

1 Station and 1 Planet are done yet.
Space done.
Gravity, Pressure, Atmosphere, LifeSupport ect. Done…
Tested and it works.

There we go, i hope there would be a few ppl who need some rep and be a part of a big mapping project.
Ofcourse needed People with Knowledge, basics are enough.

Sry for shit spelling, I trying my best.

PS: I need all these ppl, or noone :slight_smile:


Please don’t thrust me.

It’s like those other team request threads, except he needs an architect too (aka ideas guy).


Seeing that you need one OR the other, you can just settle with no one, right?

I suppose you’ll post it with credit.
<NAME> Tested it, good boy.
<NAME> Modelled the stuff
<NAME> Fapped like crazy.
<ME> Did all the hard work, totally epicl33t.

Okay, serious.

No, but how high standards do you expect the team to have?

Post pictures of progress, or you won’t get anyone.

Post some pics, ill model the stuff

you’d better get out your $$$$ if you want quality shit.

5 $AUS/hour

For a start you don’t seem to be that experienced. No mapper worth his salt if going to join if they are essentially holding up an “ideas guy”.
Secondly, you don’t need models, you just want them.
Thirdly, at this stage, you probably don’t need testers, as you have nothing that you can check yourself.

Ultimately, teams of mappers are a pain in the arse, and the team usually collapses. It is far better for you to learn by yourself. If the map is too complex, shelve it until your skill is better.

I dont looking for ideas guys, as you said, i just needed help to complete that map, need a concept for mapping/modeling.
I see, my problem is i cant do it alone mapping+modeling, because modeling some planets FFS sucks after 5 days learning that shit.
djshox STFU!!!
If noone can/will forget it, just useless waste of time.

a planet is simple - a sphere primitive, drag one out in 3ds max with the size you want based on the same grid in Hammer, then export as an SMD, grab a default QC from the VDC and remove the collision section, then compile it for source. As for the texture, take the original unwrap, render it, then grab a picture from NASA’s website (or CGTextures.com) and apply it to the unwrap rendering and convert to a VTF, write the corresponding VMT.

In all honesty, you don’t need other people to do this stuff for you when you could learn all of this in a day. (Unless you wanted to get into actual modeling, not just dragging out a sphere primitive).

Oh, and architectural work should be done by the mapper, because well, only you can truly visualize what is in your mind, it would be way too hard to have someone visualize a structure, explain it to another person until that same image is in the mapper’s head, which they will then map.

A planet is simple? -.- what the hell,
I working with XSI Mod Tool 7.5, since 3 days of Tutorials, learning lessions, and some “5-Hours-google” every day, i still made a model… no its not a model… it a fucking sphere without texture, i tryed 6 tutorials in 3 Languages how to add that into model, all of these are crap because i cant see my texture in a rendering. Its still black.
Ok nevermind…i exported it to SMD, ok got GUIStudioMdl,
but that:

is something i cant do, because i cant understand how, i know how to add texture, what to write in VTF file to render it in Hammer, thats no problem, but QC file, i didnt have any programms to do it,
Editor? No, as wiki says: "Just save as: <Name>.qc, (e.g: planet.qc) , didnt work either.
Second method is make a sphere in hammer…yeah sure planet is a brush…looks rlly great :X
(This method sucks, thats all)

I understand near everything in hammer, but just need planet. I tryed to add some complete .mdl file planets, the problem is: steamapps/name/sourcesdk/bin/ep1/models does not exist, because its in GCF file i think, so i cant export that model into hammer, ok nevermind, i wrote in hammer for the modelpath: models/planets/planet.mdl, putted the model(mdl) in garrysmod/models/planet.
No dont works.
Srsly i cant give up, because i know its possible, i learned how to add just a simple texture for hammer in 30 minutes.
But the model in hammer…and the modeling self is to much work i think, or maybe i should give up?
Tons of modeler are there, and all of these are skilled and happy to know that.

I dont know… mapping is no problem, i can do it alone, but if the map released, it would SUCKS.
FFS , with that post i stopped my work on SpaceBuild map.

QC’s are regular text files, like vmt files.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make a planet in 3ds max… I will start it now and edit it when I finish, take a look at the time difference, that will be for also taking pictures and writing a description for each.

OK, starting now, 4:46AM my time…

just finished at 5:10 AM my time, pictures are now being uploaded NOTE that the planet in the end is small, but that is because I never measured out the size I needed, I just dragged out a sphere of random size in maya

  1. first, open up maya and create a sphere primitive, make sure “create UV’s” is checked.


  1. after rendering a UV template (window -> uv texture editor, file -> uv snapshot), get a nice, high quality picture of earth, I found this one [linky]


  1. in photoshop, apply the texture to the UV unwrap and save as a tga


  1. now, back in maya, select the lambert1 tab of the sphere’s properties. under color, choose file, then link to the UV texture you just applied the planet texture to


  1. export to SMD


  1. write a default QC (I pulled one up from the VDC, removed the collision section), also the batch file to compile it


  1. use the batch file to compile, SUCCESS!


  1. now use VTFEdit to export your TGA as a VTF


  1. view the model in the model viewer and write a vmt to accompany your vtf, refresh the model when you save the vmt.


  1. insert in a map (mine just so happened to be a random box with grass on the floor) and compile


You should get this in game (yours should be larger)


.qc yeah i know whtat that is, but how to add it and get to work…thats the problem, coz vmt ist just vmt put in with my texture in same folder with filled vmt with properties. Thats all.

Sry I dont understand what you mean with that:

I just made a planet in less than half an hour, along with taking pictures each step of the way, so basically it isn’t too hard to make, considering I spent a bit of that time setting up the exporter

If i learn + do it once , then i do it always, ill gonna to work with that now, i hope there would be no problems.
Thanks alot.

Okay, we get it, jeez! Way to come out of the closet. ¬_¬

Oh, and so I don’t get told off. Fork out the £££ or no dice.

Did you think ill give so easy my Vtm to other people, without carring about someone complete and release it self?
Or you think im so stupid to give my own textures/mapping what took long time to do, out there? xD

I need radius for my planet, its 3590 Units in Hammer, that means 2693 Inches. But its still to big in Maya, i cant see my model. So wich Format is used in maya, cm? inch? whatever?

Units in a modelling program are just a symbol or abbreviation tagged on the end. It really doesn’t matter.
The conversion is 1:1, so just make a 3590 unit radius sphere in maya, slap the texture on and then export.

If i make 3590 Radius, i cant see my model in Maya to select or view it or whatever, if i made it 200 (is max for me) its too small probably.