Looking for TOP Rust Streamers

I’m looking to populate a new server by having streamers join and help us advertise.

I’m looking for the top streamers and to provide some motivation, I will give away 5-10 copies of rust.

I can distribute them out to each streamer who can give them away as they choose. I can gift these via steam.

If you are interested, please reply or send me a PM. Please provide me with a little background and reasons why you should be chosen.

The bigger streamers will have more copies gifted.


You can populate my new server, thank you :wink:

already have a server in mind, just looking for streamers now, thanks.

Hello FroxerBBQ here - 300 viewers avarage - www.twitch.tv/froxerbbq - 3000+ Unique viewers everyday.

Streaming rust only.

I have previous experience to promote servers also.

Inbox me on Twitch with details.

I sent you a message on twitch.

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Join the stream: www.twitch.tv/froxerbbq

I will be giving away a free copy of rust!!!

anyone else interested?