Looking for tutorials

  • I need: a tutorial how to make a body such as the pentagram.
  • I need: a tutorial to temporary lock.unlock the door.
  • I need: Tutorial how make polygonal solids
  • I got tutorial how configure Source SDK2009 for GarrysMod if anyone want ( resolved lights.rad problem ) … :wink: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRWrQajcU0U
  1. Use the arch tool
  2. You can use the IO system, (lets say a button) OnPressed|Door|Lock|10 (thats 10 seconds, for delay)
  3. You can use the clipping tool if you need.
  4. Use SourceMP instead of Source 2009.

I just started using Hammer yesterday. I found this tutorial very helpful! I am only using Hammer to make maps for SFM though.

He does have other good tutorials on his channel.