Looking For UnderDone Coders For New 64 Slot Server!

Hello there. My server has about 2 coders (myself and someone else) and are looking for more. We are hoping to add lots of new balanced content to all levels! But we need a few more people. What we are needing to be coded is the usual weapons, armor, and anything that you know you can do like NPC’s and Events. We share code by using a Dropbox. You may think that it sounds really stupid. But it makes things a whole lot easyer. You will not be pressured into making gear. We won’t be poking you with a stick every 5 minutes to get to work. We just want some code and effort now and again.

If you are interested add my STEAM (under my avatar!) or post here!

Please proceed to here, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

Oh my- /facedesk